X1 Outdoors

North America’s premier indoor kart track

The Concept

Build the finest outdoor kart track in North America, as a sister track of X1 Boston, with challenges for drivers at every level and standards that exceed those of international competitions.

The Racing and Facility

X1 Outdoors is a world class outdoor kart racing track located on a 35 acre wooded site 25 miles south of Boston. It is considered the “gold standard” of outdoor kart tracks, which offer longer tracks and much higher speeds than indoor tracks like X1 Boston. X1 Outdoor features a 1.3 mile track with up to 17 turns and speeds up to 100 miles per hour, depending on the kart in use.

Kart racing is considered the first step on the ladder that leads to professional motorsports. In fact, it is such good training, professional race car drivers home their kills on kart tracks between races. For indoor kart racers moving up – and to any driver with the proverbial “need for speed” – outdoor kart racing is the thrill of a lifetime.

X1 Outdoors offers Arrive & Drive Racing, Adult League Racing, Junior Racing, Corporate and Private Events, and local, regional, national and international competitive race events. We also offer personal instruction for those young drivers who want to enter competitive kart racing or train for a career in motorsports.

Many of our young drivers have gone on to become National Kart Champions and participants in professional motorsports. We are proud to be part of this early training process for young people seeking a career in motorsports.

Karting is the first level of training for car racing. Pros use kart racing off-season for training. We built X1 Outdoors for people who wanted to progress to outdoor kart racing which has longer tracks and much faster karts. X1 Outdoors has a 1.3 mile course, with 17 turns and speeds up to 100 miles per hour. We built the course for kart racing and events – oh, and so RJ could train on it between sports car races!

Karen Quast, Partner and General Manager X1 Boston, X1 Outdoors and its affiliated firms