Impact Safety Systems

The prime choice of safety barriers for race tracks, kart tracks and more

The Concept

Develop a composite safety barrier that would outperform every other racing safety system and market it to kart tracks and auto racing tracks worldwide, before expanding into the many other applications that utilize portable safety barriers.

The Products

Impact Safety Barriers are lightweight when empty, so they are portable, plus fast and easy to assemble. With water or sand for ballast, they create the stability required by vehicles at high speed. Their patented connection system makes them quick to replace if damaged. And their composite construction helps to protect vehicles and equipment – and the people who operate them. We proved the barriers first in our own karting and racing facilities – providing in-action proof that Impact Safety barriers were a better safety system. Then we started rolling out to motorsports facilities (the “low-lying” fruit) and other prospect industries.

Marketing & Sales

As always, we have implemented a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing program, using the communication professionals who have helped us successfully launch dozens of companies. We created a website – and, as the company has grown and evolved, we have developed entirely new and up-to-date websites. We send regular direct mail and email promotions to kart tracks and race tracks throughout North American. The direct response has brought us a high volume of qualified leads in the USA, Canada and Mexico. And the website has garnered leads from Europe to Asia to Australia. Additionally, distributors have been making strong inroads in a variety of other industries, including construction, mining and airports. On the sales side: we have kept the sales force for Impact Safety Systems small, spearheaded by RJ Valentine himself – a race car driver, as well as serial entrepreneur and investor – and managed by the head of international sales for several of our companies. Their knowledge of the industry – and the industry’s knowledge of them – allowed us to make rapid inroads in motorsports. For sales to industries beyond motorsports, we have developed a network of distributors across North America. They are gaining strong access in construction, mining, airports and other niches.

The Results

Impact Safety Systems has recently placed its 1 millionth safety barrier. The more racetracks who deploy our barriers, the more we hear from other tracks seeking our safety solution. We are not only becoming the leader in track safety systems, we are expanding into other markets, including construction sites, mining sites, airport security and more. We are also continuing to develop safety barriers that exceed expectations and outperform the competition – creating an extremely bright future for continued rapid expansion of the firm.

When we started F1 Boston, we started looking for a karting safety system that would work better – and look better – than tire walls and hay bales. Nothing existed. So, as in many circumstances, we developed the product ourselves. KISS Barriers – for Kart Impact Safety Systems – was the first product produced by Impact Safety Systems.

RJ Valentine, Chairman The MBA Group