Powerhouse Capital LLC

The Engine that Powers the Economy


Our analysis determined there was increasing global demand for commercial aviation assets. Industry experts project this demand will continue to be robust well past 2030. One of the primary drivers are CFM56 engines, the world’s most popular jet engine family. We identified a substantial need for repairing and leasing CFM56 engines for airline and airfreight operators worldwide. Simultaneously, we saw this as a high-return opportunity for the investor community.


Our objective was to establish a growing portfolio of CFM56 engines that would fulfill the long-term leasing, engine trading and repair needs of operators, as well as create sales opportunities. Concurrently, we created a multi-strategy alternative investment firm specializing in commercial aviation finance to deliver maximum ROI for our investors.


Research – Through our vast network of connections, we developed the resources to acquire a full portfolio of CFM56 engines for cargo and passenger transportation. Using deep industry relationships, we sought to deliver superior cash streams to our investors through the acquisition and leasing of attractively priced assets.

Marketing – Our premium website tells the story, supplemented by our LinkedIn company page and social media channels. However, our most powerful marketing tool was the sweeping expertise of our executive management team, which includes decades in finance and capital, brokering, trading, and investment analysis, as well as business acceleration.


Powerhouse Capital has become a global leader in leased CFM56 engines. On the investment side, Funds 1 and 2 have closed, and additional investment opportunities are in limited supply.

The more business we did, the more we needed to know about the people we were considering working with. This was before the internet – so you couldn’t just go online and look someone up. The investigation companies only worked with big corporations and couldn’t help us. So I found the right resource and started LCF, to investigate legal, corporate and financial affairs.

RJ Valentine, Chairman The MBA Group