Innovative safety solution for Jiffy Lube

The Concept

Create a barrier for open pit automotive service bays that would protect people from falls, but would be fast and easy to open and close, for easy access to vehicles in the service bay.

The Solution

After extensive design, engineering and testing, the solution proved to be very simple: BayNets.

The system consists of a high tensile-strength nylon net, connected to galvanized steel cables that move within hardware on the pit walls. Lube technicians can open and close the nets fast, with virtually no delay to time-sensitive service. Even when closed, the nets allow light through, maintaining visibility below grade.

The Results

BayNets Safety Systems solved numerous problems for our own quick lube operations – and became an easy product sale to other open pit automotive service centers.

Falls can be very costly, with potentially serious injuries, high OSHA fines, increased Workers Compensation rates, lawsuits – and frightened, unhappy employees. Able to hold 5000-6000 pounds, BayNets not only protect people from falls. They meet OSHA regulations, reduce insurance costs and promote safe work habits.

BayNets worked extraordinarily well in our own Jiffy Lube locations and quickly became the standard for Jiffy Lubes worldwide. As quick-lube competitors arose, they also became a strong market for BayNets Safety Systems. We expanded the company by developing BayNets for truck and heavy equipment service centers – and as a leading safety system for warehouses and construction sites.

In 1990, we sold BayNets Safety Systems to a national company, who continues to sell them to automotive service centers and other industries.

Jiffy Lube did not use lifts to perform service. Instead, there were open pits, with service personnel working below grade and cars driven over the open pit. When a car was not in the bay, the pit presented a serious fall hazard and expensive insurance risk. We searched for a solution, but nothing was available. So we designed a solution ourselves: BayNets Safety Systems. It cut insurance costs dramatically – first in our own stores, then throughout the Jiffy Lube system. Saved thousands. Then we expanded…

RJ Valentine, Chairman The MBA Group