A tested and proven process

As we have noted throughout this website, we have developed a structured procedure to research and analyze investment opportunities. It is not complicated, but we know it works.

  1. The first step to be considered for investment is the preparation of a Business Plan that provides the research we seek, the business plans we need to know, and other details that can put a deal on the top of an investor’s considerations. Our proprietary Business Plan formula has proven successful for our clients and our investors.
  2. With the information in the Business Plan, we are able to analyze the opportunity, to determine if the company meets our criteria. We are able to utilize a combination of Wall Street analytic techniques and entrepreneurial vision to identify opportunities with winning potential.
  3. We next identify the most appropriate investors, within and outside of The MBA Group of companies.
  4. RJ Valentine and Alan Braverman then go out and “sell the deal,” utilize their skills, resources and networks to provide client companies with the best possible chances of achieving their financing goals.

In the decades we’ve been building businesses and funding other peoples’ businesses, we have learned more about what works than we would have thought there was to learn. Not that we didn’t make mistakes. Of course we did. But mistakes teach you what NOT to do and get you closer to what works.

Richard J. (RJ) Valentine, Chairman The MBA Group