The MBA Group strategy allows it to work in two different ways:

  1. We invest on behalf of our own companies and their principals.
  2. We work with numerous outside investors, expanding the options we can offer far beyond our own markets and investment dollars.

This diversity also allows us to assist companies of various sizes.

This diversity has resulted in a high volume of investment opportunities seeking our assistance. We follow a structured procedure to research and analyze these opportunities. We invest ourselves in an extremely select group of firms. We identify appropriate investors for qualified companies that do not meet our personal criteria. We also manage mergers and acquisitions for select companies.

Our strategic mission for ourselves, our investors and our client companies:
rapid growth, high ROI, success for all stakeholders.

Put simply, RJ and I are looking for companies that can become business champions. We see countless deals every week – and there are very few potential champions other there. You need a lot of things to be right: the product, the market, the value proposition, the management team… We also believe it takes the willingness to put in the work to make an offering attractive – not just to us, but to our strategic and investor partners.

Alan Braverman, Partner and CEO Global Business Funding Group