Next Generation Infection Prevention Solutions



The spread of infectious diseases is one of the single most critical issues facing virtually every industry and the world at large. Deadly viruses, antibiotic-resistant super-bugs, hospital acquired illnesses and many other biological threats were rising with no end in sight. Outdated cleaning practices combined with time-impacted workers meant up to 75% of contaminated room surfaces were being missed. We also recognized that the traditional chemicals used to sanitize and disinfect were hazardous to humans and the environment. The cleaning industry was ripe for disruption. Together with a team of infection preventionists, we developed a best in class disinfection and sanitization system unlike any other.


Our primary goal was to stop outbreaks before they occurred, prevent the spread of infectious diseases and, ultimately, save lives. We pledged to set higher standards in safety and sustainability, while increasing compliance through enhanced cleaning protocols. The holistic approach we developed was designed to address every stage of the process and provide innovative solutions that met the industry’s top five criteria: Cost efficiency, accessibility, practicality, safety and scalability.


Research – Access to prominent industry experts and scientific studies led us to discover leading-edge electrostatic sprayer technologies and a smarter chemistry, which became the integral components of our system. To capitalize on the full spectrum of cleaning needs, we developed an integrated end to end solution supported by more streamlined and scalable processes. Product trials demonstrated proof of concept with verifiable and measurable results. Our market analysis revealed growth opportunities in a wide range of industries, the top 4 verticals being Healthcare, Education, Food Services and Athletics.

Marketing – As is our modus operandi, we quickly built brand awareness and equity through PR and thought-leadership strategies. In addition, our aggressive marketing model included creating an SEO optimized website, establishing key distributor partnerships, producing literature, videos, and other sales materials, implementing social media and digital advertising campaigns, generating case studies, testimonials and white papers, forming strategic industry alliances, and much more.


As pioneers of the safest, most efficient and powerful infection prevention system available, EvaClean is poised to become the principal solution used by the cleaning industry. In the next 5 years, nearly every constituent across all sectors will be using the EvaClean solution. Our stellar customer list consists of leading healthcare institutions like Tufts, large school districts and prestigious universities such as NYU, top building service contractors, nationwide quick service restaurants like Chick Fil A, TSA at major metropolitan airports, fitness chains and amusement parks including Legoland, and many others. All have seen quantifiable results and an almost immediate return on investment.

EvaClean is on track to not only meet, but exceed sales projections within the first 3 years since its official launch. Most of all, EvaClean is fast becoming a key contributor to the protection of people and the planet by reducing dangerous pathogens without the use of toxic chemicals.

The more business we did, the more we needed to know about the people we were considering working with. This was before the internet – so you couldn’t just go online and look someone up. The investigation companies only worked with big corporations and couldn’t help us. So I found the right resource and started LCF, to investigate legal, corporate and financial affairs.

RJ Valentine, Chairman The MBA Group