Global Business Funding Group

Private equity investing and merchant banking

The Concept

Bring growth stage businesses the advice, business plan packaging, and capital resources they require to achieve their growth and business goals – and satisfy all stakeholders in the process.

The Company

Global Business Funding Group (Global BFG) was formed a specialized merchant banking and business consulting firm dedicated to bringing capital to growth-stage private companies in the USA. Unlike most other advisors, we partner with client companies to implement business planning, operational and financial best practices in preparation for raising capital. The industry expertise, hands-on operating experience and board-level relationships of our senior team help client companies accelerate growth and profitability through the capital raise and the next phases of growth.

In the years since we founded Global BFG, we have evolved in numerous ways. We continue to help companies from start-ups to lower middle market firms with business plan packaging, to ensure that they are articulating their offering clearly to investors. We continue to invest ourselves as angel and private equity investors. We also manage mergers and acquisitions for the right kind of firms, assist companies with the development of their management teams, and more. We work with a broad range of capital resources to bring together the right investors with the right firms.

The Results

To date, Global BFG has successfully negotiated the sale of more than half a dozen growth stage companies. We have become primary investors in a number of rapidly growing companies. We have located financing for an increasing number of firms, turning to other Private Equity Funds, Family Offices, and individual investors for the right matches. With the companies in which we invest, we become deeply involved, to share our management and operational expertise, ensuring success for all stakeholders.

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There is a formula for success in growth stage businesses. It’s part art, part science. The formula only becomes apparent after decades of success. When I met RJ Valentine, I knew that, together, we had the expertise to help growth stage businesses achieve their goals. With his entrepreneurial history and operational expertise, combined with my own Wall Street background and big-business management experience, we knew we were a powerful resource for start-ups and lower middle market firms.

Alan Braverman, Co-Founder and CEO Global Business Funding Group