CASE STUDY: A Serial Success Story

August 3, 2019

For more than 3 decades, Boston’s own “RJ” Valentine has made a career of building successful and profitable businesses for himself and his partners only to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the man knows how to make money and create market leaders.

Entrepreneurs and investors have one common goal—Success. Easier said than done…unless you’re Richard J. (RJ) Valentine, that is. A long-time resident of the Boston area, RJ has managed to achieve victories well beyond what would normally be considered successful in almost any businesses. Yet, he’s done it repeatedly—and with dozens of businesses.


EarthSafe Announces Partnerships

July 30, 2019

EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives, the Braintree, Massachusetts-based developer of the EvaClean Infection Prevention System, recently announced collaborations with two members of the cleaning industry.

EarthSafe has partnered with The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS), a non-profit organization. EarthSafe and TIPS will work together to develop standards-based compliance measures for enhanced cleaning and disinfection, as well as safety guidelines for electrostatic disinfectant sprayer use.


TIPS Top Innovations of the Year: 2019

July 26, 2019

HAMILTON, Ontario, Canada – July 26, 2019: The Infection Prevention Strategy is pleased to announce our Top Innovations of the Year: 2019. and The Infection Prevention Strategy declares no conflict of interest. No funds or influence were provided to by any parties.

Listed below, in random order, are the Top Innovations of the Year: 2019, as determined by, based on our Call to Action for engagement and innovation.

All Award winners will be on display at the upcoming #HITS2019 Conference in Buffalo, NY August 5-8, 2019. Award winners will also be showcased throughout 2020 at various TIPS events in the USA, Canada and UK. TIPS is also pleased to announce that some of the following award winners will be featured in the upcoming TIPS 2020 Innovation Catalog.


Revolutionary Disinfection Technologies

June 4, 2019

The cleaning industry is in the midst of a revolution.

The advent of more efficient and effective technologies has made it possible to maintain cleaner and healthier facilities than ever before. Yet, this opportunity has also given rise to new risks and responsibilities.

Electrostatic spraying is one such technology leading the industry down this path. Widely used in the manufacturing, service, and agricultural sectors for more than 50 years, industrial grade electrostatic spraying systems have proven to be one of the fastest and most economical methods for applying chemicals and surface coatings.


A Collaboration Between Cleaning Industry Sectors

April 17, 2019

The cleaning industry ecosystem is comprised of many different yet interwoven sectors: public health, janitorial, sanitation, disinfection, distribution, equipment and chemical suppliers, service contractors, cleaning services, facility management, commercial/industrial end users in a wide range of verticals, in addition to residential. Within these sectors are specialties, such as floor care, restoration and remediation, as well as subcategories like sustainability and green.

The following case study is an example of collaboration between cleaning sectors that resulted in greater efficiency and performance for one customer.

Bill Sivori, project manager at Able Services San Francisco, runs a contract cleaning business devoted to the largest landowner in San Francisco, with a four-building complex totaling 3.2 million square feet of Class A offices and 1.2 million in retail space — and the tallest building west of the Mississippi is located a few blocks away. Sivori’s office is based in those very same buildings, and he regularly walks all 141 floors to be proactive rather than reactive in the event of a problem.



April 7, 2019



Waxie Introduces Able Services to EvaClean’s Disinfection System

March 27, 2019

BRAINTREE, MA -- Waxie Sanitary Supply of Northern California has introduced Able Services San Francisco to a transformative disinfection solution by EvaClean, resulting in vastly enhanced services that are performed faster, safer, more effectively and with far less labor.

Bill Sivori, Project Manager at Able Services San Francisco, does things differently than most. First, his contract cleaning business is devoted to a single client. But, that one account happens to be the largest landowner in San Francisco, with a four-building complex covering four square blocks, a total of 3.2 million square feet of Class A offices, 1.2 million in retail space, as well as the tallest building west of the Mississippi located a few blocks away.

Sivori’s office is based in those very same buildings and once or twice a month he walks all 141 floors to build tenant relationships and to be proactive rather than reactive when there's a problem.


New Jersey Motorsports Park Announces Its Schedule, Plans For 2019

January 19, 2019

MILLVILLE, N.J. – Jan. 15, 2019 – New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) Chief Operating Officer, Brad Scott, announced the 2019 season schedule and the facility updates today as NJMP moves into season 11.


Fighting the flu: Device could help stop the spread of germs

January 16, 2019

BRAINTREE, Mass. - A spike in sick calls involving the flu had an ambulance company looking for a quick cure. Brewster Ambulance teamed up with a company with a unique tool that they say helped them clean their equipment within minutes.

Brewster Ambulance usually responds to sick calls, but recently their staff had a spike of their own.

"Cases of the flu, general chest congestion which was impacting our workforce," said Chris DiBona, BAS.


EvaClean Infection Control System

December 11, 2018

EvaClean is an infection prevention and outbreak solution from EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives. This touchless electrostatic disinfecting and sanitizing system is built around one standardized process and a safer chemistry with two advanced products—Protexus sprayers and PURTABS—that create one infection control system.

“EvaClean’s overarching mission is to stop worst case scenarios before they occur. We’d rather be the vaccine than the antibiotic,” said Jeremiah Gray, co-founder of EarthSafe.


EvaClean Pledges to Help Establish Safer Electrostatic Disinfection Standards

November 19, 2018

Two men from different backgrounds, one a green technologist and new father, the other a serial entrepreneur and renowned safety advocate, shared a vision of less toxic disinfection practices. Both believed current cleaning methods were no longer acceptable, often causing more harm than good, and felt compelled to find a healthier solution.

Together, Jeremiah Gray and RJ Valentine founded EarthSafe and worked with a team of infection prevention specialists to develop a safer, more efficient and efficacious system for eliminating dangerous pathogens and preventing outbreaks. Efforts were rewarded with the introduction of EvaClean— A touchless electrostatic disinfecting and sanitizing system built around one standardized process and a safer chemistry. For Jeremiah, the incentive for getting it right was even more critical given that his son’s daycare was among the first facilities to use the Evaclean program. There isn’t more powerful proof of concept than protecting your own children from illnesses and toxin exposure with the system you developed.


Racing Safety United aims to reduce the risk of injury to drivers

October 18, 2018

Racing is an inherently dangerous sport.

The Racing Safety United (RSU) alliance aims to reduce some of that risk with the formation of a multi-discipline advocacy group that includes all major stakeholders of the sport: sanctioning bodies, drivers, track owners and equipment manufacturers – just to name a few of the many businesses that impact a driver’s welfare once they strap into the seat of a racecar.

Originally spearheaded by sports car driver RJ Valentine, the alliance initially intends to focus on track safety. Because expenses can be razor thin for short tracks, a financial aid program is in the works to help with safety upgrades.


Impact Safety Systems’ One Simple Solution Quadruples Ice Time and Prevents Injuries

September 10, 2018

Impact Safety Systems (ISS) Barriers offer unlimited configurations for more efficient ice time by creating multiple sections for simultaneous trainings, drills and practices.


RJ Valentine Among Motorsports Industry Experts Discussing Racing Safety at IMRRC

May 16, 2018

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. – A group of motorsports industry experts will discuss “Racing Safety Through the Years” at the International Motor Racing Research Center on Saturday, May 19.

The panel of five will cover the progression of racing safety from the early 1950s to recent times. The conversation will showcase the challenges and solutions utilized in decades past as well as state-of-the-art emerging technologies available today.

Part of the IMRRC’s ongoing Center Conversations Series, the discussion will be an open forum in which audience participation is encouraged. The talk, sponsored in part by the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce, will begin at 1 p.m. and is open to all. The Racing Research Center is located at 610 S. Decatur St., Watkins Glen.



April 13, 2018

In mid-2016, I wrote an article explaining why I’m so driven to make race tracks safer. For eleven paragraphs, I stood on my soapbox expounding the many reasons antiquated track barricades represent an unnecessary and extreme danger to drivers. I vainly hoped this, along with our many other efforts to further the cause, would help inspire changes.

Yet, here I am, over a year later and, not only has progress been minimal, but at least 16 more drivers have died as a result of concrete walls, Armco guardrails and other antiquated barrier methods. No one officially keeps track of how many people die on track, especially at small independents, which make up the majority of America’s 1300 race venues, so the death toll is realistically much higher.

Sadly, over the last 18 months, innumerable concussions, injuries and permanent disabilities were also sustained, most caused by hard impact with a retaining wall or guardrail, which could have easily been prevented if anyone cared enough to do something about it.


New Product Roundup: Aquatic Safety, Fitness Equipment and More

June 1, 2017

Impact Safety Systems' SoftLink barrier solution helps athletic facilities maximize space and safety. The unlimited setup configurations allow for simultaneous practices, games or other events.


Massachusetts Company Educating Tracks On Importance Of Modern Barriers

May 2, 2017

A common trend throughout the history of motorsport unfortunately is the fact that often times race tracks and/or series wait until tragedy strikes to upgrade their safety systems. Now, though, Braintree, Mass.-based company Impact Safety Systems (ISS) is working to change that.

ISS announced in April it has compiled a document full of information on various types of barriers to help race track officials decide which solution is the best for their facilities. The comparative analysis is the first of its kind in the motorsport industry, and was completed over the course of nine months by an outside research firm hired by ISS.


North America’s Premier Private Motorsports Club Completes its Newest Development Outfitted with Game-Changing Safety Barrier Technology

December 12, 2017

Beginning January 2017, pro racers and auto/motorcycle enthusiasts alike are expected to flock to Palm Springs as The Thermal Club finalizes its highly anticipated third and final phase of track development, complete with the most modern safety technology in the industry.

Previous additions to Thermal—the North and South Palm Circuits—received the highest accolades. Phase 3, the Desert Circuit, is poised to be no less impressive. Not surprisingly, Thermal has become the go-to club among the racing and driving communities, building upon innovation, safety, and passion for motorsports as its core foundations.


Car Racing Is Deadly. This Is How We Keep Drivers Alive

November 2, 2017

It wasn’t until the late 1960s, long after the world fell in love with auto-racing in the late 1800s, that three-time Formula One world champion Sir Jackie Stewart spoke out for all the drivers he saw die. Stewart himself witnessed 57 racing deaths between 1963 and 1973, leading him to calculate that if a driver competed for five years, he had a two-out-of-three chance of a crash killing him. Stewart crusaded for improvements in emergency services, seat belts, helmets, runoff areas and crash barriers, which were either nonexistent or mere straw bales, dirt mounds, fences or cement retaining walls. He implored track owners to modernize, rallied driver boycotts. But it would be a long time and many lost lives before—well, still little has improved.


2016 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award Winners Announced

October 31, 2016

AST is pleased to honor the 2016 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards’ winners, for their outstanding product development achievements and exciting new technologies to address the growing homeland security threats our Nation is facing.

American Security Today’s comprehensive Homeland Security Awards Program was organized to recognize the most distinguished vendors of physical, IT, port security, law enforcement, and first responders, in acknowledgment of their outstanding efforts to ‘Keep our Nation Secure, One City at a Time.’

To highlight the tremendous accomplishments of firms receiving this prestigious award and providing the recognition they deserve, next month we are publishing our American Security Today ASTORS Awards Champions edition.

The AST ASTORS Champions Edition will include a review of the programs and feature details on many of the winning firms.


Protect Valuable Collector Car Investments and Become a Member of an Exclusive Motorsports Community

October 5, 2016

Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Sports Cars, Classics, Race Cars, Collector Cars, High Performance Bikes, Vintage Motorcycles—New and antique vehicles of all kinds are more valuable to Car Guys than mere price tags. They represent a serious investment in the passion of motoring. According to the Historic Automobile Group’s HAGI Top Index, the value of rare classic cars rose more than 500% over the past decade.

Car and motorcycle investors usually own several vehicles in their collection. Most spend countless hours restoring or maintaining them. Others display them at shows or drive them in cruises. Many live for speed and take them to tracks to race.


NJ Motorsports Park – A Car Lovers Dream

August 12, 2016

Dedicated Car Lovers From the Tri-State Area and Beyond are Buying NJMP Exotic Car Garages Faster than they can Build Them.

Before construction has even begun, New Jersey Motorsports Park’s Phase II Exotic Car Garage units are almost sold out with a waiting list already started for Phase III from buyers beyond New Jersey to New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and even D.C.


Why Public Safety Agents are Choosing an Alternative to OEM Radio Batteries

May 24, 2016

A pattern has emerged among law enforcement and campus safety agencies illustrating growing replacement of OEM two-way radio batteries with Impact Power Technologies.

Eight police departments and six university campuses are among those who have discovered a new power technology that maximizes their land mobile radio performance.

In most incidents, this story began several years ago when these agencies determined that the continuous failure of OEM batteries was becoming a life threatening issue. They made a decision to try replacing the OE batteries in some of their radios with a longer lasting Lithium Polymer alternative-Impact Power Technologies (IPT) LifeSaver Series Batteries. Since that time, IPT consistently lasted between 20 and 40+ hours on a single charge, depending on the types of radios they were using. Moreover, the agencies began to notice they were able to bypass the typical OE battery procurement cycle not just once, but as many as three times, according to the company.

Impact Power Technologies announces strategic partnerships, battery buyback recycling program

Impact Power Technologies announces strategic partnerships, battery buyback recycling program

May 12, 2016

Lithium-polymer replacement-battery manufacturer Impact Power Technologies (IPT) recently announces a battery-buyback program to recycle old batteries from customers, as well as two strategic partnerships.

“Impact Power Technologies is a certified battery recycler,” IPT Chief Operating Officer Ken Murphy said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications. “Now, what we’re offering is to take the batteries back—we’ll pay the shipping—when they purchase one of our batteries and send us back one of their old ones. We’ll give them a dollar back and pay the shipping.

Murphy said IPT hopes the program helps customer realize the need to recycle batteries. In addition, the use of longer-lasting IPT batteries should result in fewer batteries being put into landfills, he said.

Impact Power Technologies announces strategic partnerships, battery buyback recycling program

California city saves time and money with fast-charging radio batteries

April 13, 2016

Impact Power Technologies’ (IPT) high performance batteries helped solve a crucial problem when the Murrieta, Calif., Police Department was upgrading their radio communications systems in 2015.

Due to the city’s growing population, Murrieta, Calif., Police Chief Sean Hadden made improving radio communications a top priority. Ultimately, the department decided to join Riverside County’s new Public Safety Enterprise Communications (PSEC) digital system. The city’s borders are adjacent to areas that Riverside County’s sheriff’s deputies handle, so system interoperability between agencies was important.

Murrieta went online with Riverside County in July 2015 and began assessing its two-way radio equipment, among other infrastructure. Murrieta Police Department Training and Radio Systems Administrator Cris Martinez, a 31-year law enforcement veteran, took charge of this research. He is in the picture above, with the sunglasses.


Impact Power Technologies Batteries Minimize Device Downtime

April 11, 2016

Impact Power Technologies (IPT) has manufactured a series of batteries designed to help retail businesses save money on power, and prevent mid-shift battery failures that can result in device downtime and unplanned work stoppages. The IPT Productivity+ Series includes:

  • IPT-MC9000-Li;
  • IPT-MC75-Li;
  • IPT-WT4090-Li Standard and Extended Batteries; and
  • IPT-CN50-Li.

The Productivity+ Series batteries fit a number of popular retail devices including those made by Motorola, Symbol, Intermec, Honeywell, LXE, Zebra, O’Neil and Vocollect. IPT also manufactures chargers to keep batteries powered and mobile devices running.


IPT-MT7038-LiP Battery Recognized for Exceptional Innovation

August 26, 2015

BRAINTREE, MA (August 2015) — Impact Power Technologies (IPT) announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has honored IPT-MT7038-LiP with the 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.

“We are truly grateful to receive such a prestigious award. IPT’s team has worked hard to continuously raise the standards and performance of 2-way radio batteries,” said Ken Murphy, COO of IPT. “Our goal is to make our technology so good that it ultimately reduces overall battery consumption. This may mean less future sales for IPT, but it’s better for our customers and that’s okay with us.”

Impact’s IPT-MT7038-LiP longer lasting battery for the Motorola APX6000/7000/8000 radios is the latest addition to the LifeSaver Series™ and features IPT’s proprietary Lithium Polymer chemistry and battery management system that guarantee the battery will last over 20 hours per charge and 900 charging cycles, up to 4 times more than OEM batteries.


Impact Power Technologies announces new lithium-polymer replacement batteries, Boston PD contract

October 22, 2015

Impact Power Technologies showcases two new long-lasting lithium-polymer replacement batteries for portable radios while also announcing a new contract with the Boston Police Department during the upcoming International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) show in Chicago, according to company officials.


Miami Beach PD Finds Way to Protect Personnel from Communication Failures

October 13, 2015

The Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD) depends almost entirely on two-way, hand-held radios for its communications. However, there’s been a problem: the OEM batteries that power their Motorola XTS 3000/5000 radios couldn’t hold a charge longer than 8 hours, even when new.

Read how MBPD turned to Impact Power Technologies to protect the safety of their officer at Homeland Security Today.