The MBA Group is a conglomerate of businesses founded by entrepreneur and investor, Richard J. (RJ) Valentine and his teams. For four decades, RJ has been building successful businesses in a wide range of industry segments. He has also realized extraordinary success as a private equity investor, helping his investment companies grow and deliver high ROI to all stakeholders.

What’s behind the success of RJ and The MBA Group?
It can be summed up in two words: entrepreneurial spirit.

What does that actually mean? It’s simple:

Entrepreneurial spirit can be defined by a single element: drive.
When that drive is powered by intelligence and imagination, passion and determination, the entrepreneur’s tenacious pursuit of success is more than a competitive advantage.
It is an irresistible force: the force that builds the strongest businesses in America.

That, in short, is who we are. It is our character, our culture, our mission and our vision. It’s what we seek in our C-level executives, managers, even hourly wage employees. It’s what we look for in the businesses in which we invest.

Our experience is extremely broad, with businesses in diverse industry sectors. These range from insurance services to technology, automotive services to hospitality, marketing to manufacturing and more. We have built market leaders in many these industries, as the stories of our businesses attest.

Plans for the future

With decades of business and investment successes behind us, we continue to expand The MBA Group. In the last few years, we have founded two new rapidly growing manufacturing businesses that are already achieving leadership positions. We have refined our investment process and expanded our investment resources, allowing us to consider businesses from start-ups to those with EBIDAs of $3-$5 million.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of The MBA Group, contact us. With two dozen operating businesses, we always have employment opportunities available. We always are open to investments in firms with the broad potential, high growth possibilities, and management teams that fit our model and are prepared to go through the process that has proven so successful.

It’s not what business you’re in that matters. It’s how you do business. From the beginning, we’ve been proving that outside-the-box thinking creates big winners. I believe that’s one of the key differences in our approach that has brought us so much success. We never do anything because ‘that’s the way it’s done.’ We don’t do business with people who approach things that way. We don’t invest in them. Thinking beyond the predictable is what creates success – especially today.

Richard J. Valentine, Chairman The MBA Group of Companies